Sign the petition to Stop SFMTA

The residents and taxpaying public in San Francisco respectfully request that the Mayor and District Supervisors put an immediate end to SFMTA’s anti-car and other motor vehicle actions, including, but not limited to:

  1. Installing parking meters and increasing enforcement hours
  2. Enforcing Sunday parking meters

1. Moratorium on parking meters – DONE!
San Francisco residents have had enuf of the parking squeeze,and are prepared to vote the politicians out of office who support SFMTA parking meter expansion plans.

2. Free parking on Sunday – NEXT! – along with a pullback on hours of parking enforcement. 9 AM – 6 PM. Non-holidays, Monday through Saturday only.
Let your Supervisors and Mayor know what you think about the SFMTA plan to charge for city-wide Sunday Parking.

Tell the city officials and the media your personal stories
Send us your stories, complaints, and comments.

3 thoughts on “Stop SFMTA

  1. This is ridiculous! Parking should continue to be free on Sundays, and please do NOT expand parking meters to Potrero Hill and other neighborhoods which are IN HARMONY currently without parking meters.

    I’m a tax payer and have lived in San Francisco for 20 years. I give a lot to my community, and we have enough stress with parking 6 days a week. Sunday is a holiday and we can experience and enjoy our fine city without worrying about meters.

    I am resentful and upset by both of these measures, and will fight them both to protect residents from being nickled and dimed for NO GOOD REASON but to make money (and you still have to pay meter maids, their benefits, pension and all the associated costs) when you can leave us alone!

  2. we the tax payer in San Francisco are tired of dealing with the sfmta they dont work for the this is possible in Daly City they only pay .50 cent an hour and we pay minimum 3dollars an hour,this is ridiculous.I will like to know where the money go and why the increase in parking and tickets fee there are a lot of hard worker people that make the minimum wage and those ticket hit really hard on us.many people work by night time or morning time and they have to wake up earlier to feed the meter especially saturday and sunday those day should be free.And another question the parking enforcement agents,do they pay for any tickets? if you know one of them you should know the answer,they even skip their family tickets.And how much do they make an hour? If the sfmta get rid of the 50% of the parking enforcerment workers they gonna save a lot of money,you guys must be clear with that money and reconsider the hard working and poor people enough is enough.

    • Tickets as u point out are such a regressive form of ‘taxation’ that it even further reveals that MTA is only doing a money grab with that.

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