Parking Meter Plan Would Punish the Poor, Neighbors Argue

Bay Citizen, by Scott James
“The transit agency has put the changes on hold following a public outcry, which culminated in a heated public meeting last week where 200 upset neighbors, sometimes shouting and stomping their feet, confronted city leaders and transit agency officials…. The dispute is far from over. The transit agency’s plans are in limbo but not abandoned — and some believe a larger, more troubling question has emerged from the fight: are the city’s parking and transit policies disproportionally hurting the poor and working class?”
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Parking Dilemma: Deep Skepticism About SFpark’s Elitist Parking Meter Plans

7x7SF, by David LaBua

I was checking out the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s SFpark website today, and I actually laughed out loud to myself…twice. On the SFpark facts page, they ask themselves questions, and then answer them. My first chuckle came after simply reading the first question they asked themselves:
Is SFpark a way for the City to raise revenue?

The second laugh came after the first word of their response:

“No. The primary goal of SFpark is to create easier parking by improving availability. Hourly parking rates may increase in high-demand areas and at high-demand times but rates will also decrease in low-demand areas and times.”

And I can sell you a bridge… this is particularly amusing when you realize that the people who work at SFpark do not drive cars. They ride MUNI. So, these none car drivers are trying to convince people who drive and park in the city every day that they are experts on traffic control and parking in the city?

OK. I am no longer laughing. I am mad. And I am made eNUF to do something about it. That is why I am working with North Eastern neighborhoods, Mission Bay, Potrero and DogPatch to fight the meter madness that is sweeping through the city. We have stopped it for now but we intend to stop it for good. join us and keep the meters off your block.

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SF merchants mock MTA with “worst ticket” contest

San Francisco News: Jonathan Bloom

from SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — San Francisco merchants are fed up and feel that San Francisco’s parking police are out of control. To prove their point hey organized a contest for the worst ticket story. The winner brought us this little ditty of advice on how to beat the two hour parking limit ticket, after two hours,
“You can’t move around the corner, you can’t move across the street, you can’t move down the block, you actually have to be a complete city block away from where you were originally, even though the signs, just say two hour parking.”

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Meters at your curb

This comment to a SF Chronicle article from a resident in SOMA who has experienced the parking meters moving in,  pretty much sums up what we are afraid of.

SF Park is an EPIC FAILURE! Jay Primus and the rest of the SFMTA are not listening to the residents! SF Park came through my block in SOMA and replaced half of the Residential (Y) Zone parking with meters. The end result is that taxpaying city residents can no longer park their cars near their homes, apartments, and businesses.

The epic failure is that **NO ONE IS PARKING AT THE METERS** along the Caltrain line Near Townsend and 6th street. Residents on Bluxome Street now have to park our cars up to 4 blocks away from our homes or pay $2.00 an hour to park at the meters to bring in groceries or off load our children. Is it any wonder why families have given up on San Francisco?

It is a huge inconvenience to the businesses and residents in my neighborhood and
it’s has made SOMA a less desirable place to own real estate, or operate a business. The residents see this as a money grab by the SFMTA who rammed these meters through without regard for the needs or input of our neighborhood. The city takes away street parking from hardworking residents so that the SFMTA can build useless parking apps. What the Hell kind of class warfare is this? Residents should not need an app to park in their own neighborhood.

Residents in other parts of the city should fight this fascism and not allow these meters to be installed. The people who implemented this bloated poorly run project  should be ousted from their App writing, Ivory Towers and replaced with people who are willing to work with residents.

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