Oakland, Berkeley eye driver-friendly parking laws

SFGate, by Carolyn Jones

“We’re trying to have a kinder, gentler parking policy,” said Berkeley City Councilman Kriss Worthington, who proposed the Berkeley ordinance. “If you show up to move your car, that should be good enough. I don’t think we should be punishing you for that…
A distressed driver wrote all the council members and the mayor pleading for help. Worthington crafted the legislation and the council is expected to take it up this week (February 14, 2012)…”

Friendly Parking Meter Code Wanted in the Mission

Mission District drivers and shop owners would like to see San Francisco consider the more driver-friendly parking policy that has been proposed in the East Bay.

If enacted, ordinances proposed in Berkeley and Oakland would forbid parking officers from issuing a ticket for an expired meter when the driver is present, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

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SF Muni’s snazzy shelters let rain in, riders say

by Will Kane, Chronicle Staff Writer

This summer, San Francisco’s new bus shelters were part of a trendy, modern streetscape. This winter, they’re the latest thorn in Muni riders’ side: They let in the rain and the wind more than the old ones did.

The shelters, which have curvy roofs, lean steel frames and glass sides, were the result of a lengthy public selection process and were installed to rave reviews during the summer. So far, 100 have been installed…

Muni continues to monitor the issue, he said, but has so far received only four complaints since the rain started this fall – a small number considering the system has roughly 700,000 boardings each day.

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Looks like people who don’t like the new shelters better complain louder of they want to be heard.