Parking Meter Outreach Will Take at Least Eight Months

By: Rigoberto Hernandez of Mission Local

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will begin collecting data and working with neighborhoods to “refine the parking management proposals,” writes Jay Primus of the agency’s SFPark program.

Looks like the work will take longer than the two months originally planned. From SFPark’s email newsletter, which you can sign up for here:

To accomplish the intensive engagement that has been requested with our limited staff, we are extending the schedule and separating the larger Mission Bay proposal into a proposal for each neighborhood. We expect to begin that process with each neighborhood according to the following schedule:

• 12th & Folsom — April
• 17th & Folsom — June
• Potrero Hill — August
• Dogpatch — September

We anticipate that additional community engagement and data collection will take approximately two months from the above start dates. We will then finalize each revised proposal and submit it for the approval process…

(read more)

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