Justice for All (At Least for a Dozen People in Potrero Hill)

Hello My Dear Parking Guru,

I need your help desperately. My husband’s car was towed on a Sunday morning along with other cars, in front of our house. We parked there on a Saturday night after 9 pm, and there were NO SIGNS on our stretch of the street. There were signs on our crossing street, for a Sunday Streets Event which we love and support, but again THERE WERE NO SIGNS OTHERWISE. (read on)

For tips on how to get out of a parking ticket, and better yet, how to never get one again, click here (for a book ad that may be outdated soon). There is an interesting parking citation revenue running figure on the site. $12,970,000 and counting as of 1 AM  2/18/2012.

Send metermadness your Ticket Trap Stories. Include location and photos if possible. More ticket traps listed: http://zpub.com/zRants/Stories/SFPark.html