Muni chief says budget woes could yield service reductions

By: Will Reisman | 02/22/12 4:00 AM, SF Examiner Staff Writer
Faced with upcoming budget deficits that exceed $53 million, the head of Muni acknowledged Tuesday that possible transit service reductions are “an honest option on the table.” Unless new revenue models are approved, such as extending parking meter enforcement to evenings and Sundays or eliminating discounts at downtown garages, the SFMTA will have to look at “right-sizing its service,” said director Ed Reiskin at the agency’s board of directors meeting on Tuesday.

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New SF parking meter plan sparks complaints

(KTSF by Sean Au)

…After an outcry from business owners and residents in the afffected neighborhoods, the SFMTA says it will work with the communities to fine tune the plan.

Charlie O’Hanlon operates a motorcycle service shop on 17th Street in the Mission and parks some of his clients’ motorcycles on the street. He says installing parking meters on the street fronting his shop will cause his business to close. “It effectively taxes me practically out of business. ” claims O’Hanlon. “There is already a lot of taxes that I am already paying.” (read more)

SFMTA’s budget deficits remain after cost-cutting, state funding

By: Will Reisman,

The SFMTA was able to trim its budget deficits for the next two fiscal years, but the transit agency remains millions in the hole. The two-year budget deficit for The City’s transportation agency has been slashed significantly, but still looks bleak.

In November, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency projected deficits of $34.5 million and $45.6 million for the 2012-13 and 2013-14 fiscal years. Yet after cutting planned expenditures and tapping state funding, the agency has reduced those shortfalls to $19.6 million and $33.6 million, respectively.

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SF parking gurus: We want to hear from you on meter plan

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SF parking gurus: We want to hear from you on meter plan

After strong pushback from residents and business owners in neighborhoods eyed for parking meter expansion, San Francisco transportation officials now have a new strategy to show their proposal will not be rushed through…. Where have we heard that before?

Drivers, have your say. Comment loudly and often on what you think of the plans to blanket the city with parking meters. And don’t forget to ask a few questions of your own. Such as why is it that no matter how high the Muni fees are, and how much money SFMTA manages to extract from car parking addicts, they never have enough to pay their bills?

Ask, as Ben Shore did on Phil Ting’s Reset San Francisco, why the underfunded SFMTAsigned a contract for $100,000 with a PR firm to spruce up their image instead of putting that $100,000 into fixing the Muni. Imagine how much further that money would have gone in actual improvements? Do they really think they can con people into appreciating a Muni experience where you may be fined for drinking or eating on a bus? Not to mention the joy of being grilled by the fare police, or waiting in the rain under one of the leaky new $10K shelters. For a broke city agency, that depends on drivers to pay its bills, the SFMTA sure finds a way to feather some extra nests.

The SFMTA wants to hear from you so don’t hesitate to tell them what you think.