The ups and downs of San Francisco parking meters

By Rachel Gordon, at the City Insider:SFGate

We’re in a good mood today at the City Insider, so we’ll start with the good news for San Francisco drivers: the price of parking at some curbside meters dropped to 25 cents an hour today. But like many things in life, with the good, can come the bad: In other areas, the price jumped to $4.75 an hour.

The 25-cent meters can be found on select blocks in the Civic Center, Fisherman’s Wharf and Fillmore areas, for example, the 700 block of Golden Gate Avenue and the 400 block of Beach Street.

The priciest meters can be found along 16 blocks in the Financial District.

A detailed breakdown of the rates can be found at


Meter Rates going up and down all over town. It is like musical chairs. You never know where you will land and how much it will costs you to park when you do. Must be somebody’s idea of a sick joke. By the way, Jay, did you really change all the parking limits to 4 hours or unlimited?

Haven’t had time to check yet.

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