Prop. E to blame for Muni budget mess

Letters to the Editor : SFExaminer – excerpt

Before the creation of the SFMTA, the Muni and DPT were fiscally responsible for balancing their own budget. The creation of the SFMTA changed the playing field by allowing the Muni to use parking funds to help balance their budget. The SFMTA raised the bar one step further by capitalizing on The City’s “Transit-First Policy” which was intended “to make Muni a convenient alternative to automobiles.” The unwritten interpretation of “Transit-First Policy” is now to make Muni a convenient alternative to automobiles by increasing parking fees to make Muni a convenient alternative…I think I’m one of the few that recalls the DPT’s first priority was to ensure unrestricted traffic flow and generating revenue was secondary.

Thanks for reminding us about Props E and A. How the Supes handed broad powers and controls of over Muni finances to the SFMTA in the hope that they would fix Muni and balance the budget. We also know that SFMTA has failed miserably in that attempt, choosing to spend time, money and energy re-designing traffic and bus routes and installing expensive high tech systems for “calming traffic”  rather than deal with the low tech issues of managing a transit system.

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