Chicago’s Andersonville Neighborhood Could Be Home To City’s Parklet Pilot Program (VIDEO)

Don’t believe everything you hear about the glowing reception SFMTA and SFPark programs are getting in San Francisco. SFMTA is managing to infuriate almost everyone without pleasing anyone.

Drivers are ready to revolt against the draconian steps SFMTA has taken to control city streets through programs that eliminate parking spaces, rearrange traffic flows, demand more money for parking fines and fees, and confuse the public with nonsensical regulations and conflicting signs.

Muni riders are way past tired of the long unpredictable waits between buses. They hate the new “improved” shelters that leak rain and wind, and are not impressed by the seemingly endless excuses coming from the new high tech Muni run by SFMTA.

Their latest trick of re-arranging some streets with bicycle paths next to the curb and cars parked between the bicycle paths and the flowing traffic has bicyclists seeing red. You need an SFMTA private tour guide to figure it out how to drive down each street. You are really in trouble in the rain or fog.

Worst of all are the priorities. Muni is broke while SFMTA spends millions of dollars re-designing traffic flows to calm traffic that no one else can see, and painting bicycles all over the streets with white paint that doesn’t stick to the pavement.

The trick of selling parklets is part of the game they play to eliminate street parking spaces, so they can charge more for parking

Just say no to parklets. ENUF already. See
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