BART eager to fast-track trains’ bicyclist ridership

By: Will Reisman | SF Examiner Staff Writer – excerpt
BART officials are considering launching bicycle sharing, improving bike access at stations and designing new trains to accommodate more riders as ways to double the rate of cyclists using the system over the next decade…

The report recommends evaluating and potentially increasing the cost of automobile parking at stations; making it possible to pay for bike storage with Clipper cards; and reconsidering the agency’s current escalator bike ban, which forces riders to lug their bikes up and down several flights of stairs or wait for one of BART’s often remote elevators.

Plan in motion – A look at recommendations in BART’s draft bike plan.

  • Clean elevators regularly
  • Revisit bike ban on escalators
  • Light all bicycle parking areas
  • Evaluate and implement bike sharing at all BART stations
  • Provide space for bicycles in new BART trains
  • Educate passengers and staff on use and benefits of bicycles
  • Fight bicycle theft
  • Support local efforts to improve bike access to stations
  • Allow Clipper payment for bicycle parking
Note the plan to charge for bicycle parking. Just as we predicted, once the public accepts parking charges for cars and motorcycles, they will not stop there. Now is the time for citizens to act if they want to protect their right to free use of their city streets.

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