San Fran innovation officer Shannon Spanhake

by Laura Baverman : – excerpt

Shannon Spanhake is deputy innovation officer for the city of San Francisco, a first of its kind role in city government. She’s in town Thursday for CEOs for Cities’ annual meeting at Great American Ball Park, sharing her experiences disrupting traditional government using technology and innovation…

This past April we launched ImproveSF, an online platform that connects civic challenges to community problem solvers. We have upcoming challenges asking citizens to engage in food justice solutions for a blighted neighborhood and also an opportunity to design a parklet (a parking spot transformed into a mini public park)… (more)

Not sure how helpful this is going to be as there is no discussion on how people feel about these changes. Is the theory – “all change is good change”?

We have seen some evidence of the improvements. Check out the former story on designing a new Muni. That came out of this program. “The Redesign  Muni Program appears to have been replaced by a new “Muni logo”  concept which is not really about redesigning the logo but about thinking up new taglines.

If they fired the PR professionals and replaced them with civilian volunteers they could probably save a few million dollars a year, but then you would have more unemployed PR professionals looking for work.