Muni adding more traffic cams in effort to boost revenue

Will Reisman : SF Examiner Staff Writer – excerpt

With citation revenue continuing to increase, Muni is set to expand its bus-camera enforcement system, a program aimed at nabbing motorists for traveling in transit-only lanes.

Currently, only 30 of Muni’s 800-plus buses have the cameras, which snap a photograph of the scofflaw before sending a citation to the vehicle owner. Despite the program’s modest reach, citation revenue has grown steadily since it was implemented in 2009 as part of a new state law…


SF Muni fudged on-time statistics

Shane Shifflett, Reyhan Harmanci: SFGate – excerpt

San Francisco transit officials have fudged their statistics to make it look like Muni’s buses and trains stick to their schedules more often than they do, documents reveal.

Under city law, Muni vehicles are considered on time if they arrive “no more than one minute early or four minutes late.” But according to Muni’s clock, a minute can last as long as 119 seconds – or one minute and 59 seconds….

Gabriel Metcalf, the head of the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association, which helped draft 1999’s Proposition E, said it was probably “a mistake to write performance metrics into the (city’s) charter.” Still, he said that Muni should not be padding its on-time records….

also ran on  : Bay Citizen

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MUNI Wants to Take Away Six Bus Stops on the 21 Hayes Line in the Western Addition to Create 14 New Parking Spots

Oh, and also to speed up the 21 Hayes bus.
Oh, and also to make local homeowners happy. Well, to make some of them happy anyway.
Check it, the stops near Central Avenue,* Broderick, and Scott are all on the chopping block:


New JFK bike lanes are bad for everyone

Steven T. Jones : – Excerpt

Golden Gate Park visitors have had a couple months to get used to the confusing new lane configurations on JFK Drive – with bike lanes along the edges of the road and a row of parked cars in the middle – and I have yet to hear from anyone who likes this design. Nice try, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, but this design isn’t working for any road users and should be scrapped…

Now, because the SFMTA tried to accommodate motorists with too many new parking spots in Golden Gate Park – despite previous promises to decrease street parking in the park in exchange for building a massive underground parking lot – we’ve ended up with a messy design that only exacerbates conflicts between motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists. In their effort to please everyone, as is often the case, they have pleased nobody…

Not so fast. Inquiring minds want to know how much money was spent on this experiment in Golden Gate Park that most rate as a failure, and how many hours of executive SFMTA time are going into non-Muni projects? When SFMTA claims they have a multi-million dollar budget Muni deficit and demands more funds, the citizens deserve a detailed explanation of where all SFMTA funds are coming from and where they are going. They also deserve a city government that supports their needs.