Sunday parking meter plan decried, defended

 Rachel Gordon : CityInsider : SFGate

San Francisco’s transportation chief defended his plan to start charging at curbside meters on Sundays in the face of concerns raised by city supervisors and criticism  by local pastors.

As we know by now, “Ed Reiskin, top executive of the deficit-plagued San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, said Thursday that the plan to extend meter operations to seven days a week is driven both by the need to generate more revenue…”

For those of you who disagree with SFMTA on what our city needs, here is the list of those who support your side:

“Supervisor Scott Wiener said he understands the policy reasons but is still troubled by the prospect.”… Supervisors Malia Cohen and Carmen Chu who serve on the committee with Wiener also said they were uneasy with the prospect of Sunday meters operations.”… “Rev. Cecil Williams of Glide Church, the Rev. Amos Brown, president of the local NAACP chapter, and the Rev. Robert Lucas, who serves as president of the San Francisco Baptist Ministers Council… “Plenty of small business owners are upset…

“Officially, the only way supervisors can block the plan is if they reject the agency’s entire two-year budget proposal, which amounts to $821 million in the new fiscal year that starts July 1 and $845.5 million the year after that.

While the supervisors on the budget committee made no threats that they would try to do that, they did strongly suggest that Reiskin rethink the plan as the budget moves through the approval process.”

Supervisors will continue public debate on the meter proposal next month.

(More) author email at the bottom of the article. Leaves your comments to show support for more on this subject.

1 thought on “Sunday parking meter plan decried, defended

  1. The budget has grown $ 123.MM sinse 2007 and muni still has the same problems. Ed R is making a very binary deciscion ” SFMTA needs more $$ and motorist have to pay”.

    Absolutely no analyis has been done about how this will effect the very businesses he says he’s trying to help (funny I don’t hear business’s saying they need the meters to be inforced on Sunday’s). Auto drivers have been hit hard enough with the doubling of parking meters, fines and enforcement. We’d dug deep enough!!


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