Never Assume You Know Everything About Yellow Meters

By David LaBua : 7× – excerpt

Parking Guru David says:

“…A yellow meter, it’s only 4:30, yellow meters are loading zones until 6 pm and I don’t want to deal with getting towed.  But, if I keep looking, I’m going to be late.

There are 3 courses of action one might see as options in this situation:

1) Consider if this date/meeting is potentially worth $450, park at the yellow meter if it is, and spin the AutoReturn roulette wheel

2) Park at the yellow meter, take a can of matte gray spray paint, and perform some parking meter alchemy

3) Park at the yellow meter, put in your money, and go about your business worry free, with a smirk, knowing that you are in on a little secret that is hidden in plain sight.

You’ll take option 3?  Good choice. The assumption that most people make is that a yellow meter is in effect until 6 pm.  And what did your driving instructor always tell you about assuming?

The little secret is that many yellow meters, like the ones on Chestnut Street, are only in effect until 1 pm…and some in other parts of the City only until 11 am.”
For more secrets hidden in plain sight, click here.

THANKS for that tip David!


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