Citizens Demand More Time to Evaluate SFMTA’s Meter Proposal

By Keith Burbank : Potrero View – excerpt

“Anti-parking meter advocates from Potrero Hill, Dogpatch and the Mission agree with the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency (SFMTA) that individual parking plans tailored for each neighborhood must be worked out separately. But advocates — organized as the Eastern Neighborhoods United Front (ENUF) — want the three plans to be jointly approved because all three neighborhoods share the same concerns and “a better parking management plan in Potrero Hill will help our neighbors in the Mission …” said Tony Kelly, an ENUF spokesman. According to Kelly, City agencies “often try to divide-and-conquer neighborhoods and opponents when attempting to force controversial projects. We feel we are stronger when we are together.” ENUF is also concerned that SFMTA’s primary goal in deploying meters is to raise revenues, rather than improve parking management…

Questions remain about the immediate need for parking management interventions. Two mid-day, middle of the week, informal surveys of Dogpatch and Mission Bay conducted by the View indicated that sufficient parking was available, though finding a spot in Dogpatch can take several minutes, depending on the block.”


2 thoughts on “Citizens Demand More Time to Evaluate SFMTA’s Meter Proposal

  1. You are right; parking shortages are not the primary reason for the recent proliferation of parking meters. The recent spreading of meters all over San Francisco is partly because of years of SFMTA mismanagement. And it’s party because of the huge drain on Muni that is being caused the colossally expensive Central Subway, a drain that will continue for decades to come.

    There is a small band of volunteers trying to convince the feds not to fund the Central Subway. Enuf and should combine forces. Maybe together you could pound some sense into the heads of San Francisco’s transportation establishment. I know that Howard Wong is very active in that group.

    Harrison Gnett, Berkeley


    • Thanks for your comments. ENUF is comprised of a large group of people with disparate views on how to approach the problem. Some members are working “with” SFMTA on parking plans while others are taking less agreeable positions.
      Metermadness tracks media and public responses so that those who are tracking public opinions and voicing their own will have an easier time keeping track of the various efforts going forward. We have made note of the fact that the printed press is emphasizing the connection between ENUF and the anti-Central Subway movement by placing the stories next to each other. is on our list of links. We welcome all thoughts and suggestions on how best to handle the overreach of SFMTA and city officials with anti-car attitudes.


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