Despite budget deficit, Muni spends $1 million to hire more drivers

By ZUSHA ELINSON : The Bay Citizen – excerpt

Part-timers become full-timers in an effort to cut overtime

In a move it says will reduce overtime costs, Muni has quietly hired 88 part-time drivers to work full-time for the transit agency.

The Bay Citizen has learned that Muni made those hires within the past two weeks.

Muni converted the operators to full-time status because it didn’t have enough drivers, according to Paul Rose, spokesman for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

The conversion will cost the deficit-plagued agency $1.05 million, but Rose said the hires will save Muni $1.8 million in additional overtime…

Two years ago, San Franciscans approved a measure that promised to Fix Muni Now. Proposition G’s reforms gave the transit agency more leverage with the bus drivers union, which it used during labor negotiations to make changes, including adding part-time drivers. The transit agency projected it would save $6 million over three years by hiring such drivers…

We all know how that worked out. We shall have to look into Prop “G”. And must continue to investigate where SFMTA’s money comes from and where it goes.


Frustrated Drivers Launch New Website to Oppose More Parking Meters

By Jeff Sandstoe : SF Parking : SFWEEKLY – excerpt

Do you ever feel like San Francisco has more and more parking meters to feed? And what about that parking anxiety that bubbles up, making you too nervous to park in a certain neighborhood because you know you will get another ticket you can’t afford.

Well, you’re not alone. Beleaguered drivers have formed an organization with the goal of making parking your car in San Francisco a little less painful.

Eastern Neighborhoods United Front, whose acronym appropriately spells ENUF, launched its website this week, announcing its next fight to pick: “preventing the SFMTA from blanketing our San Francisco neighborhoods with more parking meters.”…

“[SFMTA is] certainly interested in what this group, and other stakeholders, have to say,” said MTA Spokesman Paul Rose . “We’re absolutely committed to working with them to get these proposals done.”


Want to know more about your friendly SFMTA?

ENUF invites you to attend the next Mission Bay meeting (details here) to decide for yourself exactly how interested the SFMTA is in working with the public.             “Getting their proposals done” sounds much more like what they are concerned with.

If you ride a bicycle, you will not be forgotten. SFMTA and BART plan to start charging you for parking soon.

If you don’t live in one of the Eastern Neighborhoods, SFMTA plans to turn your neighborhoods into “commercial zones” so they can put meters on your streets too.

Want a residential parking permit for your neighborhood? Try getting one. Residents from the Richmond to Mission Bay have been denied permits. In fact, if you have gotten one lately, we’d like to know about it.

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S.F. Muni cameras to look for abnormal behavior

By Rachel Gordon : SFChronicle – excerpt

A network of high-tech surveillance cameras programmed to detect unusual behavior and alert authorities will be installed in the Muni Metro subway system.

(The City Insider wonders, however, how the system will decipher what’s normal weird, and what’s truly weird on Muni.)

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We wonder the same thing? Is SF spending too much money on “smart systems” that kill jobs? They don’t need people for anything except spending money. Now they will have to figure out how to get people to spend money when the computers have taken all the jobs. Maybe we should adopt a computer and take home its pay.