San Francisco Central Subway Construction Begins: Get Ready For Traffic Disruptions And Muni Delays

 By Aaron Sankin : : SF – excerpt

The press is having a field day with this one, and well they might. There is an obvious link between SFMTA attempts to blanket the city with parking meters to jack up their income, and their adoration of the controversial Central Subway project which is designed to take you 1.7 miles at a current estimate of $1.6 billion.

What you don’t see in this article is the on-going effort by citizens to defund the monster at the federal and state level. If you agree with that approach, go to

“…The Central Subway will cut peak-period travel times in half compared to current transit options, easing travel through the busy 4th Street and Stockton Street corridors,” SFMTA chief Ed Reiskin said in a statement.


Does anyone else find this a strange comment? There is no 4th Street and Stockton corridor. It is more of a corner, since 4th Street becomes Stockton after it crosses Market. How fast do you need to cross the street? And, to make matters more fun, Stockton is a one way street that only goes south.