Trains, planes and automobiles: Talking transit with Zusha Elinson

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MM: What’s the most interesting part of reporting on public transit agencies?

ZE: Everyone uses transportation every day, whether it’s Muni or BART or CalTrain, or the car they drive to work. It’s a simple yet extremely important part of our infrastructure…

ZE: Public transit agencies oversee some of the largest budgets and most important activities, but very few people pay attention to what the agencies are actually doing, and there’s little oversight. That means there are often very interesting stories and very questionable actions taken by public officials that go unnoticed.

MM: Are you seeing any positive changes with some of the agencies you cover?

ZE: In fact, we are seeing very positive changes with BART following our stories about their bacteria-infested seats. They are in the process of changing their old seats with new, easy to clean ones in 100 of the cars. Also, since the tragic shooting of Charles Hill, BART police have instituted several reforms after extensive coverage of the incident.

Source: The Bay Citizen (

Source: The Bay Citizen (