Thursday’s commuting conundrum calls for smarter timing

By Jamie Whitaker : – excerpt

The BART transbay service interruption on Thursday, June 14, 2012 made for an awful after work commute experience for everyone regardless of your chosen mode of transportation… (more)

As Tom Vacar said on KQED today, “If you don’t build a robust over capacity transit, every time something goes wrong,  everything goes haywire.”  The only solution that makes sense is to create an integrated balanced transit system that accommodates all modes of transportation and allows for maximum flexibility. More parking garages near media hubs, both in SF and the East Bay, would solve a lot of problems. Integrating the transit system into a single entity with consistent routes and schedules would do more to convince the public to use public transit than new logos and million dollar PR campaigns.  We need some leaders who can see this and make it happen. Sadly we don’t see any now. When possible the idea of job sharing and shifting work schedules a suggested here may also help a lot. We already have a lot of people working from home.