SFMTA looking to streamline permitting process for out-of-town vehicles

By: Will Reisman : SFGate: TRANSPORTATION – excerpt

Travelers visiting friends and family in San Francisco should soon have a much easier time finding a spot to park their cars.
Households located in residential parking permit zones will have the ability to purchase 20 one-day passes for out-of-towners to use on any date under a proposal being recommended by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency…

“It speeds up Muni, ensures available parking, eases congestion and makes our roads safer for pedestrians and cars,” Rose said…


Established by state laws in 1976, The City’s residential parking permits cost $100 a year — $104 after July 1 — and allow locals to park on the street without time limits. The program was created to keep out-of-town commuters from parking in residential neighborhoods all day.

Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to build a few parking garages for commuters who take the Muni downtown after parking in the neighborhoods?

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This should make some residents happy and others madder than *(&*&^ !

Some out-of-towners are getting a deal.

There is long term parking for people embarking on the luxury cruises, and of course the America’s Cup tickets come with parking tickets. One assumes the luxury boxes at the ballpark come with paid parking as well.

They even figured out how to shuttle all of our out-of-town guests to the U.S. Open this week. Those tickets aren’t cheap.

Anyone see a pattern here?