Muni Rate Hike Goes Info Effect Sunday, July 1

By Aaron Sankin : – excerpt

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the bus…it’s time for another Muni rate hike.

Effective Sunday, July 1, the cost of a monthly Muni passes will increase by $2. The Muni-only M pass will rise from $62 to $64 and the Muni-plus-BART A pass will now cost $74. Discount and lifeline passes will also increase by $1…

Single ride Muni tickets will still cost $2…

Muni isn’t the only local transit agency upping the cost of a ticket on Sunday. BART is also instituting a similar inflation-based 1.4 percent rate hike. BART officials estimate that will come out to about an extra five cents per ride….


No one is immune from the SFMTA’s craving for cash.