SFPark — What is it really?

By JVH : parkingtoday.com – excerpt

Did you know that SF Park, San Francisco’s much ballyhooed new high tech parking program is a test? It is a multimillion dollar 18 month long program that will end in December and then…Who knows?

IN the first paragraph of the home page on SFPark’s extremely well done web site, we read:

SFMTA established SFpark to use new technologies and policies to improve parking in San Francisco. Reducing traffic by helping drivers find parking benefits everyone. More parking availability makes streets less congested and safer. Meters that accept credit and debit cards reduce frustration and parking citations. With SFpark, we can all circle less and live more.

I have had difficulty getting any of the managers at SFPark on the record, but that’s understandable, since they know I’m not a fan of the city’s parking program in general, so who in their right mind would discuss their project with the enemy…


Related articlies:

This article brings up another subject. Where is the money coming from since the SFMTA claims they are broke? We can only thing of two places, and both of involve increasing the public debt. They are either financing their debt with loans, at high rates, on assumes, or they are selling bonds, or…???


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