LA Parking Meters Vote: More Than 400 Will Be Added To Streets

By Eliza Fisher : The Huffington Post – excerpt

In a city where nearly everyone drives, any news regarding parking is bound to be upsetting.

Yesterday, the LA City Council voted to add more than 400 parking meters to the city’s streets, in an attempt to boost revenue, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The affected areas include Palms, just north of Culver City by the 10 Freeway, where 247 meters will be erected, as well as Westchester near LAX, where another 190 meters will go up.

According to the Times, the new meters will generate more than $280,000 per year for the city. That expected revenue will hopefully follow the $653,000 earmarked for the project, reports…


This is clearly a state-wide issue. Is LA really trying to become anti-car?

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