Advice about California Red Light Camera Tickets – excerpt

“Traffic rules account for most of the contact by average citizens with law enforcement and the courts.  Enforcement of laws which are widely perceived as unreasonable and unfair generates disrespect and even contempt toward those who make and enforce those laws.”
The Appellate Department, in People vs. Goulet

The 2012 legislation season is almost over in Sacramento and there is a terrible bill which needs to be stopped!  On Aug. 28, SB 1303 reached Governor Brown’s desk for his signature, or veto, so NOW is the time to ask him to veto the bill – and to thank him for his veto of last year’s version of this bill.  He is at (916) 445-2841.  Or you can email him, via the Contact form on his website
Then come back here!
(Detailed info about SB 1303 is the top of the Action/Legis page.) See below*(e)
A May 29 amendment – prompted by the fact that earlier in May two red light camera cases reached the California Supreme Court – will block a defendant’s hearsay objections.

*(e) The printed representation of computer-generated information, video, or photographic images stored by an automated traffic enforcement system does not constitute an out-of-court hearsay statement by a declarant under Division 10 (commencing with Section 1200) of the Evidence Code.”


Fake Snitch Tickets

Business Owners: No More Parking Meters

By: Noah Arroyo : – excerpt

Businesses in the northeast Mission have started organizing against a plan to increase the number of parking meters around 17th and Folsom streets. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) will meet with the community in September to discuss its parking management plan for the area.
When Angela Sinicropi, vice president of public affairs for the Northeast Mission Business Association (NEMBA), heard about the plan to add meters, she thought to herself, “You can’t do that, you’ll put us out of business.”
SFMTA first unveiled its parking meter plan for the eastern Mission in January, but the overwhelmingly negative community response sent the agency back to the drawing board. It’s not clear at this time whether SFMTA’s new plan includes more parking meters, according to agency spokeswoman Kristen Holland…

SFMTA Counters “Savage” Ads – excerpt

Image by ABC 7 San Francisco

It’s not over yet.
Last week we reported that SFMTA will be donating proceeds from controversial ads on its buses to the San Francisco Human Rights Commission. That wasn’t enough for the agency, however.
The ad seen above started showing up last week on articulated buses that already carried Pamela Geller’s “Support Israel” ads.
Muni’s response ad reads: SFMTA policy prohibits discrimination based on national origin, religion, and other characteristics and condemns statements that describe any group as “savages.”
To erase any confusion, there’s a graphic arrow pointing to Geller’s ad.
What do you think of SFMTA’s handling of this whole affair?..

I want to put an ad on Muni buses that says”Honk if you hate parking meters”
Read the comments for a continuing dialogue regarding “freedom of speech” on buses. (more)

J Church Rapid Pilot – excerpt

…This proposal aims to reduce delays and improve service reliability for Muni’s J Church trains and 22 Fillmore buses by allowing Muni vehicles to bypass traffic congestion and access transit stops more quickly…


Transit First Policy Amended by Prop “A” (approved 11/6/2007)
2.     Public transit, including taxis and vanpools, is an economically and environmentally sound alternative to transportation by individual automobiles…
4.     Transit priority improvements, such as designated transit lanes and streets and improved signalization, shall be made to expedite the movement of public transit vehicles (including taxis and vanpools) and to improve pedestrian safety.

SFMTA Engineering Hearing

by Robert Prinz : – excerpt

Friday, August 31, 2012 | 10 am
Room 416 (Hearing Room 4), City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco


On the agenda:

  • Establish transit-only center lane 16th St to Duboce Ave
  • Establish no turn on red: Southbound Jones St at Golden Gate Ave; Eastbound Golden Gate Ave, at Jones St
  • Establish multiple left turn lanes: Southbound Jones St at Golden Gate Ave (in conjunction with a pedestrian-only signal phase change)
  • Establish no left turns except transit, M-F, 7am-7pm: Church St, both directions, at 16th St
  • Establish no left turns, M-F, 7am-7pm: Church St, both directions, at 15th St

That Muni/BART Entrance at the Apple Store Will Be Closed for Six Years – excerpt

The Stockton and Ellis entrance/exit from BART and Muni, with the escalator that dumped you off right by the door of the Apple Store, is closing today due to the construction of the Central Subway which is generally mucking up that entire block. The bad news is the temporary closure of this handy entrance will last six years, essentially until the whole subway project is complete.
If Willie Brown were an avid Twitterer, he’d surely bemoan this latest inconvenience as just another reason the “Central Circus” should go to hell, but alas, he is not.
Meanwhile, at the other end of the rather brief subway line, the SFMTA is rejecting all their current bids for the Chinatown Station, as the Ex reports. Engineers apparently identified a cost-saving measure that hadn’t been previously considered, so the project is going out for bid again.

BART/Muni Stop Near Apple Store To Close Today For The Next Six Years
SFMTA reopening bids for Central Subway’s Chinatown Station project

Bill would give Calif. cyclists 3-foot buffer zone

SFGate – excerpt

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California bicyclists who navigate busy roads may be able to ride a little easier if a bill approved by the Assembly becomes law.
The Assembly approved SB1464 Monday, which would require motor vehicle drivers to stay three feet from cyclists in most cases. Drivers would be allowed to cross double solid yellow lines to provide bicyclists enough room.
Opponents of the bill by Sen. Alan Lowenthal, a Long Beach Democrat, argued that it would give bicyclists a false sense of security. Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a similar bill last year.
The new legislation would allow fines of at least $35 for drivers who impinge on bicyclists’ buffer zones.
The bill passed 52-19 and returns to the Senate for a final vote…

What Are Some Things The Outside World Would Be Shocked To Learn About Silicon Valley?

Aaron Ginn : sites – excerpt

“..Continual love/ hate relationship with cars. With random street light timing, no parking spots, and an impossible 101, SF does not like cars, but SF refuses to build a good public transit system to link the entire Bay Area. To go anywhere outside SF still requires a car…
No one takes the trolley. Walking is faster. Don’t be that guy hanging on the trolley…
Private bus system. Apple, Google, Facebook, and other major tech companies have their own bus system from SF to San Jose…”



Hourly metered parking fee to hit $5.25

By Rachel Gordon : SFGate – excerpt

A handful of San Francisco’s curbside parking meters will hit the $5.25 mark for the first time as the city continues its quest to find the sweet spot for pricing.
The Municipal Transportation Agency announced the seventh parking-rate adjustment under the experimental SFpark program, which attempts to manage parking with meter rates. The goal is to set the price so there’s approximately one parking spot always available on every metered block. The cost is adjusted based on demand…
The meter rates aren’t the only things changing. So are the parking policies. The agency plans to expand meter operations into the night around the Giants‘ China Basin ballpark, and starting citywide on Jan. 1, drivers will have to start plugging the meters on Sundays…(more)

“The most the city will be able to charge under the SFpark program is $6 an hour, unless there’s a special event, such as a ballgame or street fair. The cap for those times has been set at $18 an hour.”
How much is too much? The voters may have reached their limit. This could be a hot ticket item for debate among the District Supervisor hopefuls who are running for election.

Petitions to stop these action are in the final stages of development. Follow this blog for updates.

Proposal for a Change in How Parking Tickets are Issued in SF

By David LaBua : 7× – excerpt

Dear Parking Guru,
…We received a street-sweeping ticket while on vacation in lovely San Fran this summer, and paid it. No problem there…
However, we are in the process of contesting a “Hill Parking Several months after our trip to SF, we received a letter from a collections agency about a “Hill Parking 3%” violation. We never received the citation (perhaps it blew away, or fell off, or was never put on our windshield to begin with). We never received any follow-up letter, or other communication about it and we are now being charged lots of late fees and collections fees…
This has really tainted my feelings about San Francisco and makes me wonder if tourists are being targeted because once they are home, they are over a barrel, and just pay it to be done with it…
It’s quite unfortunate your city is trying to exploit nice people like us with wrongful parking tickets instead of making SF a welcoming place. Thanks in advance for all your help and taking on these matters. We lived in D.C. for two years and never encountered unfairness like this…
Soured on SF

Dear Soured,
…I’ve looked into your situation, using a map of the surveyed streets of SF
and have some good news for you. Your sister’s street on which you parked is indeed less than a 3% grade. So the ticket was indeed incorrectly issued.  I recommend sending in a copy of the map showing the grade of the street, along with a copy of your ticket. Oh, that’s right, you never received a ticket, or a notice by mail–just a bill from a collections agency for $247 and have been told that you missed the window to contest the ticket. That is quite a barrel.
I would first find out if this letter is legit, or a scam. Call 415-701-3099 to verify that there is, in fact, an unpaid ticket on that license plate number. If this is a scam, you will know it because DPT will tell you that there is no ticket for you for a 3% violation…
– Parking Guru

Thanks to the Parking Guru for bringing this to our attention. The Parking Guru is a good place to go with all the parking questions. I pretty much always take a photos each time I park, just in case. I look around the area and shoot the signs as well.

Look at the parking Guru’s proposal for a Change in How Parking Tickets are Issued in SF:

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