Noe Valley’s Parking Problem – and petition


As noted in the President’s information emails, your Association, specifically the merchants on Castro, is circulating and gathering signatures in protest of the SFMTA’s planning for the removal of three (3) much needed parking spaces on Castro. We need more parking for our customers, for the community and for commercial growth, not less. The future will be more demanding, especially with the loss of the Ministry Lot.

We need your support! If the SFMTA insists upon taking of a parking space; then we want some support from the City, in which we live, work and pay taxes. We are asking for the conversion of the 24 Divisadero bus zones at Noe and 24th Streets, that they be converted to ‘pole or bar stops’, thereby adding necessary and favorably anticipated additional parking. Not only would this add parking but would eliminate the dangerous illegal right turn lane that so many drivers use. The intersection at Noe and 24th Streets would be made safer for the entire Noe Valley Community. See attachment, copy and circulate.

Please, read the Petition. Gather signatures, then call your President for pick-up. We are also asking for unmetered Diagonal Parking on the Eastside of Castro at James Lick Middle School. The issue of needed parking in Noe Valley is a straight forward one and your Association has a Parking Plan.


As a former resident of Noe Valley, I can attest to the difficulty of using mass transit to get in and out of the neighborhood, unless you can walk to Church easily. I had three transfers and it took over two hours to get home when my car broke down. After that I always took a cab back.

North Beach tunnel plan angers residents

By John Coté : – excerpt

Dane Boryta struggled at first in North Beach’s crowded restaurant scene.

But now, just as Bottle Cap, the restaurant he and wife Elizabeth Ferro opened 13 months ago, appears to be finding its footing, it and a number of neighboring businesses face a challenge they didn’t even know about four months ago – more than a year’s worth of Central Subway construction planned to start next week just steps from his restaurant.

And when the dust has cleared, there will be no nearby subway station to show for it.

“It’s really going to put our restaurant to the test in a lot of ways,” Boryta said. “We’ll take our lumps if it’s going to pay off down the line somehow … but ultimately this isn’t doing anything for anybody who is here.”…

City officials have so far shrugged off the legal challenge by resident Marc Bruno and a separate letter from an attorney representing a group of residents and members of the North Beach Business Association demanding the construction there be delayed for further environmental study…

But Susan Brandt-Hawley, attorney for the small-business and residents group, said she is still waiting for a response to her letter that contends the planned construction of the “retrieval shaft” is larger and more permanent than what was OKd in 2008.

“The bottom line is this wasn’t what was approved,” Brandt-Hawley said…

‘Unacceptable outreach’
The transportation agency held a flurry of public outreach meetings and delayed the North Beach work for about two months after initially telling merchants and Board of Supervisors President David Chiu, who represents the area, about the construction plan in May. That prompted a sharply worded June 26 rebuke from Chiu to MTA head Ed Reiskin, saying “this nonexistent level of outreach is unacceptable.”…


Central Subway a fast track to chaos

By Willie Brown : – excerpt

One day there may indeed be something called the Central Subway, but today the 1.7-mile dig to Chinatown has turned downtown into the Central Circus or, if you are unlucky enough to be behind the wheel of a car, the Central Headache.

Last week two blocks of Stockton Street near tourist-heavy Union Square were closed, and it created confusion for everyone and cars backed up in every direction.

Adding to the chaos was the decision to change two blocks of Grant Avenue between Bush and Geary into a two-way street. You would not believe the number of people I watched almost get clobbered because they didn’t look both ways before crossing.

And things aren’t much better on Fourth Street where the dig is gearing up. Forget about trying to get down that street at rush hour.

Add in that we no longer have parking officers to keep the intersections clear, and you have traffic backed up so badly that cabdrivers are refusing to cross Market Street unless you agree to pay twice the fare – one fare for the mileage, and one fare for the extra half hour it takes to get there… (more)

Maybe Willie should join SaveMuni and help his North Beach buddies in their fight against the  extraction on Columbus.