The Gil Gross Program – Tony Kelly Interview

The Gil Gross Program : Newstalk 910 KKSF – excerpt

Gil talks to Tony Kelly, a spokesman for ENUF (Eastern Neighborhoods United Front), about the increasing use of the parking meters by the city of San Francisco and the proposed drop in services by MUNI. After talking with Kelly, Gil gets on the phone with listeners who want to talk about the coming changes…

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More Muni riders, fewer rides

By: Will Reisman :

Plagued by aging vehicles and budget constraints on overtime pay for drivers, Muni’s service levels continue to deteriorate at a time when more people are riding the system.

In July, Muni missed an average of 650 service trips — a one-way trip on a line — each weekday. The missed transit runs account for roughly 5 percent of the agency’s total daily schedule. In March, the agency missed roughly 3 percent of its daily scheduled trips, meaning the number of missed service trips has increased from 390 a day to 650 a day over the past five months.

One contributing factor to the missed trips is that about half of Muni buses are at their retirement age and another 40 percent are expected to reach that mark within three years, leaving the fleet prone to frequent breakdowns. Although Muni is set to receive 45 new buses next year and 60 new ones in 2014, it currently has one of the oldest fleets of transit vehicles in North America, according to the agency…

Time for the SFMTA to consider hiring a real Muni leader who CAN fix Muni so people can use it. Put away the toy trains and tricycles and hire a professional. FIX TRANSIT FIRST!