SF parking plan’s message: Transit first

How do you get rid of cars from a major metropolitan city?

  • *more meters—at a higher price
  • *fewer legal parking spaces
  • *high taxes on parking lots
  • *more bicycle lanes to make it dangerous to drive a car (or bike) in the city

“The draft document, obtained Monday by The Chronicle and set to be considered for adoption by the agency’s governing board Sept. 18, states clearly that “parking policies are designed to encourage travel by public transit and sustainable modes of transportation.

“The SFMTA manages parking to prioritize public transit, walking, bicycling and the needs of paratransit and commercial deliveries,” it says.”

San Francisco is a city that is killing itself.  The death will come suddenly and fast—then folks will understand killing of private cars killed the city.

The city, hundreds of millions in real deficit, receives $187 million in revenues from cars.  The policy of San Fran is to make this ZERO


Pretty well put. The SFMTA is intent on killing the revenue they now have from cars. Has greed gone to their heads?

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