8 Washington opponents seeking to delay decision

By: Joshua Sabatini : SFexaminer – excerpt

Opponents of the proposed 8 Washington luxury condo development are calling on a state commission to postpone a vote on a crucial land exchange agreement that the project hinges upon.

The State Lands Commission is scheduled to vote Tuesday on an exchange that would allow developer Simon Snellgrove to develop his 134-unit project on Seawall Lot 351 and the adjacent privately held land. The agreement would swap the state’s public trust oversight of the public property for oversight of other Port lands.

The opposition is not surprising. Project opponents recently collected enough voter signatures to request a referendum seeking to overturn the project. As a result, the Board of Supervisors must re-vote in September on the project’s height increase. If approved, the project would go before the voters in November 2013, halting the project until then…

One suit hinges on parking rights agreed to in a signed contract.

Civil Grand Jury slams Muni switchbacks; Muni swings back

Rachel Gordon : SFGate – excerpt

Muni shows “a callous disregard” for its riders when it uses switchbacks, the transit-industry practice of unloading passengers and turning around trains and buses unexpectedly before they reach their final scheduled destination.

That was the opinion of a new report released Thursday by the San Francisco Civil Grand Jury, accompanied by a press release with the title, “DUMPED IN THE RAIN AFTER DARK.”

To say that officials with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which runs Muni, bristled at the assessment would be an understatement. They said the all-volunteer investigative citizens panel convened by the Superior Court based its conclusions on flawed assumptions “that don’t really square with what we believe the reality to be,” in the words of Ed Reiskin, San Francisco’s director of transportation…


San Francisco’s Uninformed Civil Grand Jury Strikes Again

And they wonder why no one trust the Muni. That pretty much sums up why I quit riding years ago.

Front-Runner to Build SF Subway Station Has History of Cost Overruns

By Zusha Elinson : Bay Citizen – excerpt

A construction giant with a history of cost overruns and expensive legal battles is the leading candidate to build a new subway station in San Francisco.

Tutor-Saliba Corp.’s $239 million bid to build the Chinatown station for the planned Central Subway is the lowest of four bids being evaluated by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. By law, the lowest bidder has a significant edge in public contracts.

But history suggests that the transportation agency should proceed with caution: Collectively, 11 major Bay Area projects completed by the construction company since 2000 have cost local government $765 million more than expected, 40 percent above the initial bids, according to a review by The Bay Citizen.

“Tutor is doing the same thing that he has always done: He bids super low, but the project ends up costing a lot more in the end,” said Kevin Williams, a former city contract compliance officer who raised concerns about the company’s work at San Francisco International Airport. “The reason that he is repeating this on the taxpayers’ dime is because he gets away with it.”…


Why are we not surprised? More evidence that the SFMTA is not competent to manage effectively. But then they aren’t spending their money so why should it matter?

East Bay Job Developers

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SFMTA Position: Investigator, Taxi and Accessible Services
Posted on July 30, 2012 by Dennis Rojas
The following announcement with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is now open for filing.

JOB TITLE: 9144 Investigator, Taxi and Accessible Services
The purpose of this examination announcement is to establish an eligible list for this classification.

Please post this announcement, located at:
for all employees and prospective applicants. We appreciate and thank you for your assistance in our recruitment efforts.
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
Human Resources – Merit Unit – (415) 701-5013

Looks like the SFMTA is hiring again. Where is that money coming from? We heard they were so broke they have to cut Muni service. Guess they have money for other things.