Aiming to Win Over Critics, SFMTA Spells Out Its Parking Policies on Paper

by Aaron Bialick : – excerpt

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency’s embattled efforts to put a rational price on the city’s car parking supply by expanding parking meters have led the agency to develop a document [PDF] that, for the first time, lays out its parking policies in one place. SFMTA officials, who presented a draft to the SFMTA Board’s Policy and Governance Committee today, say the document is intended to clarify the agency’s goals and make its parking management decisions more transparent….

As Streetsblog has written, when parking is free or underpriced, spaces fill up, and drivers cruise around for a spot. That means more pollution, traffic congestion, gas consumption, wear on the roads, slower transit, more danger for people walking and biking, and fewer customers able to park at businesses… (more)

How does having to re-park your car several times a day  improve traffic congestion, gas consumption and air quality?


On-Street Parking Management

SFMTA makes meter and RPP policies more transparent – excerpt

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) uses a variety parking management tools to help make parking readily available, including parking meters and residential parking permits (RPP). To help parking management across the City be more transparent, effective, and consistent with the SFMTA’s overall transportation goals, our agency recently developed a document summarizing what we consider when determining where to use different parking management tools. This document articulates and clarifies long-standing SFMTA practices and policies.
On-street parking management policy document, PDF
On-street parking management policy document- visually accessible version, PDF
We expect to bring the final version to the September 18 SFMTA Board of Directors meeting for approval. Please send any feedback about this document to