What’s in a Parking Brand?

By BRETT WOOD, P.E. : blog.parking.org – excerpt

Can you name many parking programs off the top of your head? Maybe the one you work for?
If you pay close attention to the industry, you know SFpark. They have been at the forefront of the parking technology revolution for a few years now. But it’s more than their robust approach to parking management that makes them famous; it’s their brand and the way they present themselves to both the San Francisco community and the parking industry. They developed an iconography and brand that announces to the parker that it’s safe and easy to park when you see the SFpark logo. And even beyond that, they expanded their brand into a marketing and education campaign that compliments the programs mission and goals. See the print version here, and the video they developed here

We will let you draw your own conclusions about this kind of activity that our Mayor and District Supervisors are supporting when the approve the SFMTA budget. Of course they are passing the bill onto us for these grandiose schemes that have nothing to do with fixing the Muni or balancing Muni’s budget.

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