SF parking supervisor keeps job despite lawsuits

Dan Noyes , Chief Investigative Reporter : abclocal.go.com – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — You have to be battle ready to take on San Francisco’s parking wars. But one parking supervisor likes it that way — he has a long record of picking fights and when he loses, you pay. The ABC7 News I-Team has been following one parking supervisor for years as the lawsuits continue to pile up — assault, sexual harassment, restraining orders. But somehow, he keeps his job. He writes tickets while the city writes checks…
So what would it take for Georgopoulos to lose his job? MTA Director Ed Reiskin says he cannot comment on personnel issues, but that taxpayers can expect change in the department he took over last year…
“Most of the people who work for the MTA are good, hard working, honest people and we just need to make sure that we manage the entire workforce so more of them are that way and the folks who aren’t that way we manage up (what does that means, a promotion?) or manage out,” he said.
The city has spent about $1,200,000 so far defending and settling these cases…

Over a year and still no resolution on this, Ed? You must be busy with other things.



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