Parking plan at LGBT senior housing disputed

By: Carolyn Copeland : – excerpt

The San Francisco Planning Commission has approved The City’s first low-income housing development for LGBT seniors, but some members of the surrounding community say it will attract too much traffic to the already congested neighborhood.
The development at 55 Laguna St. is part of a larger construction project that will fill about 6 acres of land. The development will include 330 market-rate units and 110 units for low-income LGBT seniors. A public park, community center and community garden will also be built on the site, along with 310 underground parking spaces…
“While we encourage public transportation, but a lot of people don’t feel comfortable using it and want to drive their own car,” said Planning Commissioner Michael Antonini. “It’s unrealistic to assume that just because a certain percentage of the project is earmarked for seniors, they’re not going to have cars. A lot of seniors need to drive because their mobility is compromised.”…

Seniors drive for many reasons and all of them do not live in planned senior community centers. All of them deserve equal consideration.

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