They Don’t Want an App for That – excerpt

The venerable San Francisco Civil Grand Jury is out today with their report detailing possible solutions to the San Francisco Municipal Railway’sswitchback” problems.
“Switchback” is what Muni calls it when they stop a streetcar or bus before the end of the run, kick out the passengers to wait for the next vehicle, and then head back in the opposite direction…

You can read the Grand Jury’s report and recommendations here. You can also read the Muni’s rapid response below.
But what is worth a detailed read is the report’s finding that the Muni turned down a free iPad app using GPS to help track vehicles and avoid switchbacks. The Muni said it didn’t have the budget for the iPads needed to make the app work…


Who does Muni work for? They can’t afford a few iPads to help their customers, but they can afford a few billion dollars worth of public debt to put in the Central Subway for the wealthy landowners and bankers who will profit most handsomely from the up-zone of the transit corridor about the subway.

Thanks to Phil Ting’s resetsanfrancsico for this story that the media seems to have missed.

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