Proposal for a Change in How Parking Tickets are Issued in SF

By David LaBua : 7× – excerpt

Dear Parking Guru,
…We received a street-sweeping ticket while on vacation in lovely San Fran this summer, and paid it. No problem there…
However, we are in the process of contesting a “Hill Parking Several months after our trip to SF, we received a letter from a collections agency about a “Hill Parking 3%” violation. We never received the citation (perhaps it blew away, or fell off, or was never put on our windshield to begin with). We never received any follow-up letter, or other communication about it and we are now being charged lots of late fees and collections fees…
This has really tainted my feelings about San Francisco and makes me wonder if tourists are being targeted because once they are home, they are over a barrel, and just pay it to be done with it…
It’s quite unfortunate your city is trying to exploit nice people like us with wrongful parking tickets instead of making SF a welcoming place. Thanks in advance for all your help and taking on these matters. We lived in D.C. for two years and never encountered unfairness like this…
Soured on SF

Dear Soured,
…I’ve looked into your situation, using a map of the surveyed streets of SF
and have some good news for you. Your sister’s street on which you parked is indeed less than a 3% grade. So the ticket was indeed incorrectly issued.  I recommend sending in a copy of the map showing the grade of the street, along with a copy of your ticket. Oh, that’s right, you never received a ticket, or a notice by mail–just a bill from a collections agency for $247 and have been told that you missed the window to contest the ticket. That is quite a barrel.
I would first find out if this letter is legit, or a scam. Call 415-701-3099 to verify that there is, in fact, an unpaid ticket on that license plate number. If this is a scam, you will know it because DPT will tell you that there is no ticket for you for a 3% violation…
– Parking Guru

Thanks to the Parking Guru for bringing this to our attention. The Parking Guru is a good place to go with all the parking questions. I pretty much always take a photos each time I park, just in case. I look around the area and shoot the signs as well.

Look at the parking Guru’s proposal for a Change in How Parking Tickets are Issued in SF:

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