What Are Some Things The Outside World Would Be Shocked To Learn About Silicon Valley?

Aaron Ginn : Forbes.com sites – excerpt

“..Continual love/ hate relationship with cars. With random street light timing, no parking spots, and an impossible 101, SF does not like cars, but SF refuses to build a good public transit system to link the entire Bay Area. To go anywhere outside SF still requires a car…
No one takes the trolley. Walking is faster. Don’t be that guy hanging on the trolley…
Private bus system. Apple, Google, Facebook, and other major tech companies have their own bus system from SF to San Jose…”



Hourly metered parking fee to hit $5.25

By Rachel Gordon : SFGate – excerpt

A handful of San Francisco’s curbside parking meters will hit the $5.25 mark for the first time as the city continues its quest to find the sweet spot for pricing.
The Municipal Transportation Agency announced the seventh parking-rate adjustment under the experimental SFpark program, which attempts to manage parking with meter rates. The goal is to set the price so there’s approximately one parking spot always available on every metered block. The cost is adjusted based on demand…
The meter rates aren’t the only things changing. So are the parking policies. The agency plans to expand meter operations into the night around the Giants‘ China Basin ballpark, and starting citywide on Jan. 1, drivers will have to start plugging the meters on Sundays…(more)

“The most the city will be able to charge under the SFpark program is $6 an hour, unless there’s a special event, such as a ballgame or street fair. The cap for those times has been set at $18 an hour.”
How much is too much? The voters may have reached their limit. This could be a hot ticket item for debate among the District Supervisor hopefuls who are running for election.

Petitions to stop these action are in the final stages of development. Follow this blog for updates.