That Muni/BART Entrance at the Apple Store Will Be Closed for Six Years – excerpt

The Stockton and Ellis entrance/exit from BART and Muni, with the escalator that dumped you off right by the door of the Apple Store, is closing today due to the construction of the Central Subway which is generally mucking up that entire block. The bad news is the temporary closure of this handy entrance will last six years, essentially until the whole subway project is complete.
If Willie Brown were an avid Twitterer, he’d surely bemoan this latest inconvenience as just another reason the “Central Circus” should go to hell, but alas, he is not.
Meanwhile, at the other end of the rather brief subway line, the SFMTA is rejecting all their current bids for the Chinatown Station, as the Ex reports. Engineers apparently identified a cost-saving measure that hadn’t been previously considered, so the project is going out for bid again.

BART/Muni Stop Near Apple Store To Close Today For The Next Six Years
SFMTA reopening bids for Central Subway’s Chinatown Station project

Bill would give Calif. cyclists 3-foot buffer zone

SFGate – excerpt

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California bicyclists who navigate busy roads may be able to ride a little easier if a bill approved by the Assembly becomes law.
The Assembly approved SB1464 Monday, which would require motor vehicle drivers to stay three feet from cyclists in most cases. Drivers would be allowed to cross double solid yellow lines to provide bicyclists enough room.
Opponents of the bill by Sen. Alan Lowenthal, a Long Beach Democrat, argued that it would give bicyclists a false sense of security. Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a similar bill last year.
The new legislation would allow fines of at least $35 for drivers who impinge on bicyclists’ buffer zones.
The bill passed 52-19 and returns to the Senate for a final vote…