SFpark – Brilliant or Boondoggle?

By John Van Horn : parkingtoday.com – excerpt

Did you know that SFpark, San Francisco’s much ballyhooed new high-tech parking program is a test? It is a multimillion-dollar 18-month-long program that will end in December, and then … who knows?…
The key to this data collection is the sensor, which is a hockey puck-style device located at each space, and therein lies part of the tale. The sensors have been problematic from day one…
SFpark is not self-funding. The SFMTA needs the parking revenue generated in San Francisco to support its various transportation projects. (more)

The author found a a $6 million shortfall in revenue from the city’s garages since SFPark’s programs were initiated in them. We wrote a letter of appreciation to John, who is looking for feedback on SFPark’s operation.
Let’s give him feedback.

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Weekend Traffic And Transit Disruptions: Parking Meters Enforced On Labor Day, Critical Mass Is Tonight

SFappeal.com – excerpt

Labor Day Holiday Muni Service and Parking Enforcement
Muni service will follow a Sunday schedule on Labor Day, Monday.
Parking meters and seven day street sweeping will be enforced citywide on the holiday. Commuter tow away, residential parking permits and Monday-Friday daytime street sweeping will not be enforced….(more)

Serco Awarded $43 Million San Francisco Parking Meters Contract

RESTON, VIRGINIA – August 30, 2012 – Serco Inc., a provider of professional, technology, and management services, announced today that the Company has been awarded a re-compete contract for the Parking Meter Coin Collection, Counting and Support Services Contract supporting the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA).  The contract has five year base period and is valued at $43 million.
Under this contract, Serco will provide parking meter operation support services for meter management systems and infrastructure, and the daily collection and reconciliation of parking meters.  Serco will implement a new online dashboard to enhance its financial reporting to SFMTA, and the Company will utilize GPS vehicle tracking and vehicle security cameras for enhanced security and safety.  Serco has been supporting SFMTA services for over the past ten years…(more)

Is this second company SFPark is trying out, since the first one couldn’t meet the requirement to get 95% of the readings right? See reference by John Van Horn in his oped on SFPark. Should we expect more false parking tickets?

ConsumerWatch: Persistence Pays Off Fighting SF Parking Ticket

 ConsumerWatch : sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – Fighting a parking ticket, even one you didn’t deserve, isn’t easy in San Francisco. As a lot of people who’ve fought them have found out, you may have to make your case more than once…
…People issued parking tickets in San Francisco get three chances to make their case. Second or third appeal is when many mistakes get caught, according to SFMTA data. According to the agency’s figures from 2010, 55% of tickets that were appealed a second time, ended up getting dismissed. Overall, the dismissal rate for all tickets is just about two percent…(more)
ConsumerWatch has received similar complaints from drivers throughout the Bay Area. If you feel your parking ticket appeal was wrongfully denied, send an email to consumerwatch@cbssf.com

SFMTA may install parking meters at SF State to encourage greater Muni ridership

by Alex Emslie : Golden Gate Xpress – excerpt

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency could use streets around SF State as a future site for additional parking meters, but it’s unlikely drivers will be willing to pay for what are now free parking spaces anytime soon.
“We have no concrete plans to install the meters at SF State, but are certainly vetting the concept with various stakeholders and soliciting input,” said SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose in an email. The SFMTA did not respond to requests for the review, and did not clarify how the agency is considering the concept with stakeholders…
SF State business administration major Jimmy Kim, 23, said he doesn’t like the way the SFMTA targets drivers and doesn’t believe the agency’s services justify increasing fares for public transit users like himself, and increased parking fees and tickets for drivers. Kim said he spends about $60 per month riding the Muni M line to SF State.
“I disagree with almost everything the SFMTA is doing,” Kim said…