Park set to bloom in Mission District

By: Kayla Figard : – excerpt

Instead of paving paradise and putting up a parking lot, the Recreation and Park Department is planning to unpave a parking lot and put up a paradise.
A 31,850-square-foot parking lot at the northwest corner 17th and Folsom streets will be ripped out and replaced with a park
Although the idea was first initiated a decade ago, the designs were developed in tandem with the community and submitted for a state grant in 2010. In 2011, the Board of Supervisors unanimously supported the development…

Not really sure if this is still in District 6. We were told this area is becoming part of District 9 as a result of the re-districting.

Parking Meter Games on Labor Day

Impromtu photo op in the Mission Bay on Labor Day. How does this work? Does it?
Turns out the MTA card does not work. You have to use your credit card. What is the point in buying an MTA card when it doesn’t work? Fine with me. I handed out my solution which is Stop the SFMTA.

No waiting for Sunday parking in this lot. It’s already here last I looked. And all the meters on Terry Francois Blvd. are working on Sundays, if you believe the signs.

How Spin Doctors Roll Out MUNI Contracts

By: Ben Shore : – excerpt

Maybe it was because I read about the SF MTA’s decision to pay nearly $100,000 for outside PR help on a morning when the Clipper Card didn’t work and we would have been happy to see any N-Judah, even one with all the doors stuck wide open, but it just seemed wrong on so many levels to pay spin doctors to make us feel better about riding on a broken Municipal Railway.
Since then I’ve seen just how good these spin-doctors are at their jobs. They actually managed to help the MUNI generate headlines about a new labor contract that made it seem like tens millions of dollars would be saved when in actuality nobody really knows for sure how much the contract will save and the best expert guess is that it will save just a fraction of the agency’s budget shortfall… (more)

Do we repeat ourselves? This story bears repeating since recent reports appear to indicate the smart system and the sensors don’t work. As some have pointed out, you can get human eyes to gather data.

SFMTA Board Approves Purchase of 45 New Hybrid Electric Buses

SOURCE: (SFMTA) : – excerpt

The Board of Directors of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which oversees all transportation in the city, including the Municipal Railway (Muni), approved the purchase of 45 new hybrid electric 40 foot buses from New Flyer Industries. These new vehicles will replace 13-year-old buses currently in service… (more)

Traffic Alert: New traffic configuration starting next week in SoMa – excerpt

To avoid traffic congestion on this section of 4th Street, we suggest using the detours described below…traffic configurations at a construction site in SoMa will be modified next week, starting Tuesday, September 4.
4th Street between Folsom and Howard streets  – At the future site of the Yerba Buena/Moscone Station, the contractor will start work on the east side of 4th Street.

Traffic impacts: Two lanes will remain open to traffic on the west side of 4th Street. (Currently the two open lanes are on the east side of the street.)  Temporary lane striping will be in place at and around the intersection of 4th and Howard streets to direct traffic to the appropriate lanes.
Parking impacts: Parking will be impacted on 4th Street between Folsom and Howard streets and on Clementina Street near the intersection with 4th Street.
Suggested detours for freeway access: Traffic delays are anticipated. Motorists are encouraged to use the on-ramp at Harrison and 7th streets as an alternative to access westbound I-80 while launch box construction is in progress. Those traveling to the peninsula may prefer to access the I-280 via 6th Street or Highway 101 via 10th Street.
Pedestrian impacts: The sidewalks on the west side of 4th Street will be restored for pedestrian use.
More information about the work currently underway at this site is available here.