Offer on bus service could result in 30 Golden Gate Transit layoffs

By Mark Prado : Marin Independent Journal – excerpt

As many as 30 Golden Gate Transit employees could lose their jobs under a proposal approved by the bridge district board of directors on Friday.
The Golden Gate Bridge district provides buses, drivers and support staff for the Marin County Transit District, which operates routes within the county. The Marin County Transit District has been losing money in recent years and wants to renegotiate agreements with Golden Gate Transit.
In January the Marin transit board issued a notice “of intent to terminate” the contract with Golden Gate Transit, a procedure that must be done two years in advance as spelled out in the current agreement.
On Friday the bridge board made an offer to the Marin County Transit District that would provide 25 percent less service, which would provide a savings for the county. But along with that reduction, up to 30 people would have their jobs eliminated from the bus division…
The district gets 51 percent of its revenue from taxes: 37 percent from a local half-cent transportation sales tax, Measure A, which voters approved in 2004; and 14 percent from property taxes…” (more)

The fiancial truth about the costs of public transit systems needs to be told. All are all heavily subsidized and therefore not sustainable. They all rely on outside sources to pay the bills. Increasing ridership does not help, it adds to the costs according to most analysis.

Cutting Marin bus service into the city cut would put a dent in SFMTA plans to continue to eliminate parking spots for commuters into San Francisco. Or do they expect people to crowd onto the even more expensive ferries?

We need more commuter parking options in San Francisco, not less if we want  jobs to stay in San Francisco. Pitting residents against commuters will not work. Commuters need drive into the city, park and take Muni. It is up to SFMTA to make that happen.

Golden Gate officials ban political, religious and other ads from buses

SFMTA issuing potentially bogus parking tickets to motorcyclists – excerpt

Sec. 7.2.34. Parking Adjacent to or on median dividers or traffic islands. To Park a vehicle on or next to any traffic island, lines painted or structures constructed in the public right of way for the purpose of separating opposing traffic or guiding traffic flows except as otherwise posted. (56) (see photo)