The Race is on to decide the future of transit in San Francisco.

Press Release – September 10, 2012

Who will determine the future of transit in San Francisco? Those who take actions.
ENUF, and neighborhood groups opposing SFMTA’s policies launched a petition to Stop SFMTA.

This comes at a critical time in San Francisco’s politics, as neighborhood districts will be voting on their Supervisors in less than two months. Parking is a major concern for residents, so the position a candidate takes on parking and SFMTA policies could be the deciding factor in some races.

We are asking for the SFMTA and City officials to take these concerns under consideration, when determining the future of Muni and creating new parking meters zones:

1. Muni has massive budget problems.

Most of Muni’s problems revolve around the generation of money. We believe the SFMTA should start with a clear explanation of Muni’s cash flow, using the kind of breakdown that Marin County uses in regard to the costs of running Golden Gate Transit.

How much does it costs to transport someone across town on a bus?
What percentage of operations expenses comes from taxes, fines, and fees?
Why is the SFMTA taking on extra tasks before completing the ones it was authorized to do? The lack of focus on Muni is obvious.

2. SFMTA’s lack of focus on Muni.

We understand that the fare box recovery is less than the industry standard of 33%. We suspect this is due to managements’ lack of focus on solving Muni problems.

As we all know, time is money. Therefore, what percentage of management’s time is spent solving Muni problems? Imagine how much time SFMTA would have for Muni if they quit attending meetings about parking meters and bicycle lanes, and quit trying to convince everyone that SFPark’s meter experiment works. They admit their analysis is incomplete. (Let’s see some executive time sheets and calendars).

3. Balance of power issues at City Hall.

Many have lost faith in SFMTA’s ability to fix Muni and the Muni budget, and want to break it up or restructure it. We hope the District Supervisors will take action to protect their constituents, rather than forcing voters to the polls again.

The Board of Supervisors has tried to rectify their lack of authority over the SFMTA Board a number of times. Investigating the history of that struggle will reveal how each Supervisor voted. Another battle is brewing. With public input, Supervisors could be encouraged to rectify this situation soon. This recent article in the Chronicle by Matier and Ross, indicates some potential power shifts.  Mayor Ed Lee’s job approval ratings slip

4. The Stop SFMTA Petition
After trying to work within the SFMTA’s rules and witnessing how they ignore the requests of Mission Bay residents, our coalition decided to draft and circulate a petition to Stop SFMTA.
We believe a moratorium on installing parking meters and rearranging traffic flows should be put in place, while the SFMTA focuses on solving Muni’s problems first!
Petitions can be found at

ENUF: Eastern Neighborhoods Untied Front
We are a voice of the residents and businesses of San Francisco’s Eastern Neighborhoods.  We united to collaborate for the present and future needs of our neighborhoods.  Currently, we protest SFMTA’s plans to alter our neighborhoods without adequate consideration of our needs. 

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