Hill Residents Concerned About Proposed Changes to 22-Fillmore

By Brian Rinker : potreroview.net – excerpt

Many Potrero Hill residents and business owners are skeptical of a San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) proposal to reroute the 22-Fillmore bus line from the 18th Street commercial district to 16th Street, from which it would travel north on Third Street toward Mission Bay. “Bus service in general is inadequate in our area,” said Jim Wilkins, Hill resident and Eastern Neighborhoods United Front (ENUF) member. “The move of the 22 bus will further diminish that service.” The plan to reroute the 22-Fillmore is part of the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP), a joint effort by the transportation agency and City Controller which aims to improve Muni services, making transit more reliable, faster and efficient…
Finalizing any plans may take some time. Revising the 22 line has been in the City’s pipeline for decades. In 1998, an environmental impact report for Mission Bay included similar proposals to reroute the 22, expressed concerns about overhead wires, and noted that the proposed plans were similar to those presented in a 1990 report. “Muni has been claiming recently that the 22 rerouting is some sort of transit improvement for the area as part of the Transit Effectiveness Project, when in fact a) it isn’t an improvement, it’s a reduction of service on the Hill, and b) it was in the works long, long before the TEP,” Kelly said. If the City ever reroutes the 22 Kelly hopes that it provides adequate replacement transportation… (more)

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