MTC and 511 Release 2012 Edition of Getting There on Transit Guide Read more here

By Metropolitan Transportation Commission : – excerpt

OAKLAND, CALIF., SEPT. 11, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ — The Metropolitan Transportation Commission and its 511 Traveler Information Service have released the 2012 edition of the Getting There on Transit guide. The free publication features detailed maps of three dozen transit systems throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and highlights more than 250 popular destinations with directions to reach them on public transit.  (more)

Plan to boost car-sharing at new housing

John Wildermuth : SFGate – excerpt

Car sharing in San Francisco could get a much-needed boost from a measure by Supervisor Scott Wiener that would make it easier to add spaces for those pass-around vehicles to new developments in the city.
If the supervisor can gin up the needed support, developers could add up to five car-share spaces in buildings with fewer than 50 units and eight in larger buildings, without those spots counting against the maximum allowed parking… (more)

This is confusing language. Is this in addition to the “allowed” parking, or will this cut down the number of parking for non-shared cars?


Wiener wants to boost effort to add car-share spaces to buildings

Could San Francisco become the next Manhattan?

By Ben Trefny : – excerpt

Photographer Richard Morgenstein has lived in Pacific Heights since the late 1990s. Before that, he lived in Manhattan and enjoyed it. In many ways, Morgenstein is still very New York. He doesn’t have a car. He relies on public transportation to tote his camera bags around. But the new construction soaring above a growing San Francisco doesn’t really make him nostalgic for his former hometown. Rather, he’s inclined to give a Bronx cheer.
“I do think that one of the issues of multiple large buildings is a sort of a Manhattanizaton of San Francisco and a change in the character of say street life, the character of the light of the city, character of walk-ability,” he says. “I look at them as some sort of negative that comes along with the positive of extra housing.”…
After settlements and environmental impact reports, developers, today, cannot build buildings more than forty feet tall in historically residential parts of Pac Heights and other low-rise neighborhoods, unless they have a permit from the San Francisco planning department. And with active neighborhood associations intent on retaining historic character, those are hard to come by. So San Francisco’s skyline is being reinvented, but only so far, and mostly near downtown; which is one reason why residents like transplanted New Yorker Richard Morgenstein are happy they moved to San Francisco in the first place… (more)

Residents will soon grapple over City Hall plans to grow the city up and increase density to pack more people in.

Signatures Grow for Petition Supporting SFPark Expansion

by Aaron Bialick : – excerpt

It’s pretty easy to find people who want to perpetuate the free parking giveaway on SF streets, despite the traffic and street dysfunction that result. But it turns out that it’s also not that hard to find people who think the status quo needs to change. A new online petition launched last Wednesday has amassed 95 signatures in support of the SF Municipal Transportation Agency’s efforts to expand meters and introduce parking prices that cut traffic and increase turnover for local businesses… (more)

Yes. We have an active rival, who weaseled into our group and is trying to steel our thunder. More reasons to sign the petition to Stop SFMTA Petition if you want to stop the planned onslaught of planned parking meters.


Not everyone hates parking meters