City of San Francisco Issues Five-Year State of Cycling Report

By SF Bicycle Coalition : – excerpt

City of San Francisco Issues Five-Year State of Cycling Report
Report Shows Huge Growth in Ridership and Support for Better Biking/Highlights Need for More Improvements and How SF is Falling Behind Other Cities

SAN FRANCISCO — Today, the City of San Francisco released its 2012 State of Cycling Report. The report, published every five years, tracks data regarding the number of people bicycling, as well as issues findings on public opinions about bicycling…
San Francisco ranks 18th in per capita funding to bicycle and pedestrian projects, with $2.55 spent per person, which is far below Washington D.C. ($9.82), Minneapolis ($9.47), Sacramento ($8.45), and Oakland ($4.95). (Source: Alliance for Biking & Walking, “Bicycling and Walking in the United States, 2012 Benchmarking Report”)… (more)

Be gone tax man! Schools can keep all their proceeds from parking fundraisers

Within the last couple of years, neighborhood schools like Lafayette, Presidio and Argonne opened up their schoolyards to cars looking for parking at large events in the area like the Outside Lands and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass music festivals. Schools typically charge $25 per day for the day, and in the process, they raised thousands of dollars for their school programs…
Late last week, an ordinance was signed exempting parking lot fundraisers from being taxed by the City. Supervisor Mar, Mayor Lee, and Treasurer Jose Cisneros worked for the last year with 2nd District PTA President Michelle Parker, and parents from Lafayette, Jefferson, Presidio and Argonne schools to craft the legislation… (more)

The Progressive War on Parking

By Peter Wilson : – excerpt

Mark your calendars: September 21 is international PARK(ing) Day, described as “annual open-source global event where citizens, artists and activists collaborate to temporarily transform metered parking spaces into ‘PARK(ing)’ spaces.”  Get it?  The place you “park” your car becomes a “park.”  It’s a postmodernist play on words that destabilizes the patriarchal hegemony of language.  A better name might be “No Parking Day,” since the intent — or at very least, the obvious consequence — of this and other activities is to attack automobile use by nibbling away at the supply of parking spaces… (more, including the Rebar Manisfesto)

San Francisco design studio Rebar, is the brainchild behind PARK(ing) Day.

The Rebar Manisfesto contains such gems as : “One strategy to get around public opposition is to reduce parking progressively, a little bit at a time, so that parking shortages seem like the fault of selfish drivers who won’t abandon their cars.”

Their plan is = divide and conquer.
Our plan is = unite and fight.

MTC project may cost Bay Area drivers more

By Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross, Chronicle Columnists : – excerpt

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s purchase and spiffing-up of an old post office building in San Francisco for its headquarters was already costly – try nearly $170 million – but now comes word that it could cost Bay Area drivers millions more.
The commission, which hands out federal and state transportation money to local transit agencies, figured it would finance the purchase of the Main Street building using toll money, then pay it back by renting out some of the space to public agencies and other tenants….
State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord – a critic of the purchase who called for the state audit – said the report “raises a lot of good concerns.”… (more)

SFMTA Looks At $18M Bike-Friendly Makeover Of Masonic Avenue

Reporting Barbara Taylor : – excerpt

Barbara Taylor, Bike Accident, Car Accidents, Masonic Avenue, Municipal Transportation Agency, Pedestrians, San Francisco, SFMTA, Transportation
SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency wants to make major changes on a busy thoroughfare in San Francisco with a long history of accidents.
Masonic Avenue would get an $18 million safety facelift that would encourage bicycling and discourage driving.
Officials plan to discuss this week a major redesign that would eliminate a traffic lane during commute hours along with almost 170 parking spaces. Instead, there would be a 1.2 mile elevated bike lane and a green median strip…
The $18 million project still lacks a funding source(more)

Note that this unfunded project is adding to San Francisco’s debt.

Masonc Avenue Redesign on the SFMTA agenda
SFMTA Board approves traffic-calming plans for Masonic Avenue

If the SFMTA Had Been in Charge of Fighting World War II, We Would Have Lost World War II – excerpt

PS: MUNI sucks. And San Francisco’s “strong Mayor” systems sucks as well. Perhaps there’s a relationship there…
PPS: Speaking of which, Mayor Ed Lee’s approval rating is now in the 40′s and MUNI’s on-time rating is down in the 50′s. Perhaps there’s a relationship there…
PPPS: An on-time rating is a fairly stupid way to keep track of MUNI, but it’s what we have so oh well… (more)

Muni Finally Issues On-Time Report Without Inflating Numbers

by Zusha Elinson : The Bay Citizen – excerpt

For the first time in more than a decade, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency released a report on the on-time arrival rate of its buses and trains without inflating the numbers…
Muni’s willingness to use accurate on-time numbers came after The Bay Citizen reported in July that Muni officials were using accounting maneuvers to boost the reported on-time rate by as much as 18 percent since 2001, according to an internal memo. The transit agency has been under pressure to improve timeliness since 1999, when San Francisco residents approved a ballot measure requiring the transit agency to be on time at least 85 percent of the time…
The Bay Citizen also found that Ford and another former CEO, Michael Burns, received bonuses that were tied directly to the inflated rates… (more)

Many San Francisco residents are fed up and want to break up the SFMTA, essentially repealing Prop “E”. They feel the agency is totally out of control. Repeated stories such as this one make it hard to trust the leadership.

New Car Share Service Demands Parking Privileges

by: Irvin Dawid : – excerpt

With the possible entry of a fourth car sharing service into San Francisco, Daimler’s Car2Go, the MTA must consider exemptions from the city’s strict parking policies, specifically on-street parking in residential parking districts and metered zones…
 San Francisco is well-served by car sharing services:…

  • non-profit City CarShare that was the first in 2001
  • Zipcar
  • newcomer DriveNow‘s all-electric cars by BMW

All three services require the customer to return the car to designated spaces that the car share company has provided. Car2Go would allow the customer to leave the vehicle on any city street… (more)


More Parking For Car-Share Programs In San Francisco Proposed – excerpt

San Francisco’s current Planning Code Section 166 requires new developments, or existing buildings that are being converted to residential uses, with over 50 units and parking for its residents to provide parking spaces for a car-share program…
Sponsored by Supervisors Chiu and Wiener, a proposed amendment to San Francisco’s Planning Code would allow developers of buildings under 50 units to provide up to five (5) parking spaces for car-share programs, up to eight (8) additional parking spaces for buildings with over 50 units. The additional car-share spaces would not count against the maximum number of parking spaces permitted by Code… (more)

Great Highway wall of RVs targeted by new proposal

Posted by Tom Prete – – excerpt

UPDATE 3:25 p.m. Sept. 17: The Board of Supervisors Land Use and Economic Development Committee voted 3-0 to send the full board Supervisor Carmen Chu’s legislation authorizing the regulation of parking areas for oversize vehicles.
Supervisor Malia Cohen signed on as a co-sponsor of the legislation…
The Board of Supervisors can’t directly impose parking regulations, Chu explained. But her proposed legislation would allow the SFMTA to restrict the overnight parking of large vehicles in certain zones….
“The intention is not to ban it outright,” she said, noting that other spaces for large vehicles wouldn’t be included in the potential new rules… (more)

New RV rules irk homeless advocates
SF considers ban on overnight parking for large vehicles
Houseless homeowners: Will San Francisco declare them illegal?