Weekend Traffic And Transit Disruptions: Massive Critical Mass, Oracle Open World, Bridge To Bridge, Lots More

News : sfappeal.com – excerpt

Oracle Open World Closures
Oracle Open World will occur at the Moscone Center from Saturday, Sept. 29 through Wednesday, Oct. 3. An attendance of 45,000 is expected. During this time, the Java One conference will be held at the Parc 55, San Francisco Hilton and the Hotel Nikko.
The following street closures will be required to accommodate this event:

The following street closures will be required to accommodate this event:

  • 8 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 27 through 1 p.m., Friday, Oct. 5 Howard Street between 3rd and 4th streets
  • 8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 27 through 10 a.m., Friday, Oct. 5 Taylor Street between O’Farrell and Ellis streets

The following Muni routes will be affected:

  • 8X (AX/BX) Bayshore Express
  • 9 San Bruno
  • 10 Townsend
  • 12 Folsom
  • 14 Mission
  • 16X Noriega
  •  27 Bryant
  • 30 Stockton
  • 38/38L Geary
  • 41 Union
  • 45 Union-Stockton
  • 81X Caltrain Express

(more more on street closures)
SMTA Traffic and Transit Impacts

High-occupany vehicle lanes accomplish little

Letters to the Editor : oakbaynews.com – excerpt

Believe it or not, I’m happy that the CRD Business and Residential Taxpayers Association is ferreting into light-rail transit numbers.
However, their research has a flawed assumption: that high-occupancy vehicle lanes accomplish anything.
Two California researchers with very impressive resumes analyzed these diamond roadways in that state’s Bay Area from 2000 to 2004. Their conclusion: “The analysis presented here suggests that in the Bay Area, instead of improving mobility, HOV lanes exacerbate the congestion problem: HOV lanes suffer a capacity drop of 400 vehicles/hour; they increase congestion overall; they do not significantly increase the throughput of people and they do not encourage carpooling.”… (more)

SF Critical Mass event expected to be large

By Carolyn Tyler: KTVU – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — On Friday, Sept. 28, the Critical Mass bike ride will fill San Francisco streets and possibly create a big mess of the Friday evening commute. The bicyclists will gather at Justin Herman Plaza along the Embarcadero and they’ll ride from there. However, this time it is not the typical ride — it is the 20th anniversary of the event.
San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr said he was told to expect 10,000 cyclists or maybe even more. Those that take part in Critical Mass say they are fighting a car-centered society — one calls it a culture war…
And San Francisco has added miles of new bike lanes, but Rob Anderson is trying to stop any more from coming in. He’s taking the city’s bike plan to court.
“One of the problems with the bike plan is that it takes away traffic lanes and street parking on busy city streets. That creates a problem, that’s an environmental impact,” said Anderson…
“We will, we’ll have extra people with them. We’ll use our motorcycles, both dirt bikes and big bikes and actually officers on bicycles themselves,” said Suhr… (more)

Motorcycles riding with Bikes?