San Francisco must prove dedication to bike initiative

 By SF Examiner Editorial : – excerpt

Bicycles paths inside the pandhandle now used by cyclist and pedestrians.

…the directors of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency are set to discuss the addition of buffered bike lanes to three-block stretches of two separate streets that are among the most traveled by cyclists and cars heading between the western and eastern sides of The City. But to enhance the safety of cyclists, The City would have to remove parking spaces from the streets.
The two roadways are Fell Street, a one-way street heading west, and Oak Street, a one-way street heading east.
The stretch of road in question extends from Baker Street on the western side to Scott Street on the eastern side.
The stretch is a thoroughfare for motorists driving from the western neighborhoods to downtown and the Bay Bridge. But it also is the flattest route for cyclists to take when traveling between downtown and the western neighborhoods. This combustible commingling of bicyclists and fast-flowing traffic has left some two-wheeled commuters feeling unsafe along the stretch…
This vote can prove that San Francisco is willing to make tough choices in its transit-first policy. We urge the board to approve this project… (more)

Is it possible that the unrelenting push to move the drivers out of the city is going to backfire soon? Is it too much for too few? The 1 % demanding too much of the rest of us? Why do the bikers need to have an extra lane on one of the most heavily traveled thoroughfares in SF when there are bicycles paths inside the park? (See photos above) Should the cars move into the park so the bikes can drive down the street? Wouldn’t the millions of dollars being spent on this project be better spent on fixing the Muni?