Weigh in on Polk Street improvements

By ANDY WRIGHT : baycitizen.org – excerpt

In an effort to spruce up the Polk Street corridor between McAllister and Union streets, the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency is hosting a series of walking tours capped off with a workshop to discuss design ideas. The organization is especially interested in the opinions of commuters who ride transit, bike or walk the corridor.
Participants are invited to attend what the SFMTA is calling a “walking audit” led by an agency staff member. Attendees will stop at spots along the corridor to discuss what they like and what needs to be fixed..  (more)

It is obvious that SFMTA considers removing parking spaces their top priority when it come to improving any streets in San Francisco. Anyone who disagrees with that approach is wasting their time attending “walking audits”. If you would like to preserve parking spaces in San Francisco, sign the petitions to Stop SFMTA instead.

Petition Started to Oppose Warriors Waterfront Arena

sf.cured.com – excerpt

It should come as no surprise that a Change.org petition has been started to oppose the proposed Warriors arena on Piers 30-32. Started by San Francisco resident Juraj Martanovic, the petition needs 4,890 signatures and at the time of posting had a mere 110. The petition breaks down the opposition into several sections. Citing the piers “uniqueness,” the petition says “The Warriors Project should not be built on Pier 30-32 because Pier 30-32 is a very unique piece of property,” and that the “proposed Project will strip this part of waterfront of its uniqueness.” We’re talking about the crumbling piers, right? The ones that are so unstable that vehicles of a certain size are restricted for fear of collapse?… (more)

Be the City’s Budget Czar for a Day!

sfbudgetczar.com – excerpt

Today, you’re in charge of planning San Francisco’s transportation future. After basic operations and maintenance, you will have $3.2 billion to spend on programs, projects and extra maintenance (see details). Below, the green circles show $9 billion committed to specific projects that are underway. The gray circles are the funds at your disposal—they will fill in green as you make spending choices. The white circles will fill in gray—giving you more money to spend—if you choose to add new revenue. You can change your choices at any time before submitting your budget. Your budget will be used to help develop the San Francisco Transportation Plan.

Lawmakers question use of operating funds for free Muni youth program

By: Will Reisman : sfexaminer.com – excerpt

Muni is poised to receive $6.7 million that could fund a free youth fare program, but some lawmakers believe the struggling transit agency should use the funds more productively…
With Muni’s recent struggles in mind, San Francisco supervisors Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell and Carmen Chu have asked the SFMTA to hold a public hearing to determine the best use of the $6.7 million. The trio, in a letter written to SFMTA transportation chief Ed Reiskin and Chairman Tom Nolan, cited Muni’s extreme need for system enhancements as reasons to consider investing the new money for other purposes…
Director Cheryl Brinkman said she would wait for a staff recommendation before deciding whether to support the use of funds for a free Muni youth program.
“Although I do support free Muni for low-income youth, we will need to see the full picture,” Brinkman said. “It would be fantastic to have enough funding to make needed improvements to the system that will benefit all riders, and fund free Muni for youth.”… (more)