SFMTA: Capital Asset Management Report for FTA


Report on Asset Inventory for Federal Transit Administration
Capital Asset Management Program: Asset Breakdown Structure and. Condition Assessment. Darton Ito. Manager, Long Range Planning … (more)

Free Muni for Low-Income Youth Gets Reprieve

By Talal Ansari : missionlocal.org – excerpt

When the Municipal Transportation Commission (MTC) narrowly defeated a proposal to fund a pilot project giving free Muni service to 40,000 low-income youth in July, the project’s future looked dim.
But the project was resurrected Wednesday when the MTC board unanimously voted to use $15 million in federal funds to increase the efficiency and ridership on local transit. The SFMTA, which oversees Muni, will receive $6.7 million of the funds, which it can use for the free Muni project.
The SFMTA approved the $9 million free Muni project in April of this year on the condition that it would receive $4 million from the MTC.
Yet hurdles still remain for the 22-month pilot project to see the light of day… (more)