Why is it So Hard To Get a Cab in San Francisco?

blogs.kqed.org – excerpt

Ever waited for a very long time to grab a cab in San Francisco on Friday or Saturday night? Of course you have.
Katrina Schwartz reported a story on KQED News Thursday about the rise of ride-sharing services in San Francisco that have emerged to fill the supply-demand gap…
San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency keeps a lid on the number of medallions, or operating permits, it issues to cab owners. The city has licensed about 1,500 cabs. In response to complaints about service, and with high-profile events like next year’s America’s Cup looming, it’s doling out 200 temporary permits.But if there’s enough of a chronic shortage of cabs in San Francisco for ride-sharing companies to enter the market, why doesn’t the regulator of licensed taxis, the SFMTA, issue additional permanent medallions instead of a measly 200 temporaries?
The MTA’s web page on how to get a taxi medallion says, “SFMTA Taxi Services will not be accepting applications to get onto the medallion waiting list until further notice.”
So, what gives?… (more)

I remember a time when getting a cab was not such a nightmare. Before the SFMTA took it over and decided to “fix” it.