Standing Up to Legal Appeal, SFMTA Moves Ahead With Fell Street Bike Lane

by Aaron Bialick : sf.streetsblog – excerpt

Opponents of the Fell and Oak Street bikeway and pedestrian improvements filed an appeal last week seeking to delay implementation of street safety measures on the critical three-block stretch linking the Panhandle to the Wiggle, but the legal gambit will not slow down construction of the bike lane on Fell currently underway, the SF Municipal Transportation Agency says.
The appeal [PDF] – filed by Mark Brennan, a developer; Howard Chabner, a disability rights advocate; and Ted Loewenberg, president of the Haight-Ashbury Improvement Association — demands that the SFMTA abandon the bikeway, claiming that it discriminates against the disabled and requires environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act (which the project was exempted from).
Following the recent removal of a car parking lane on Fell, between Baker and Scott Streets, SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose said the agency will begin striping the bike lane tomorrow, weather permitting. “We are confident in the environmental work that went into this project,” he said. It’s unclear whether the rest of the project is in jeopardy of being delayed (more)

Neighbors seeking review for bike plan on Fell, Oak streets

Why do they need more bike lanes through the panhandle? There are already two of them. Isn’t the point of riding on your bike to ride through the park and the trees? Why do you want to ride a bike on a street when you can ride a bike through a park? This is about eliminating parking spots and pushing residents out of the neighborhood so developers can tear down the old Victorians and build more high rises.
See the Guardian’s article on Economic Cleansing.



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