Thanksgiving Holiday Parking Rules

By David LaBua: – exceprt

Nothing can ruin a Thanksgiving weekend more than getting a $72 ticket…except being blamed for your in-laws’ car getting towed. We’ve broken down the matrix of rules and regulations for you so you can relax this Thanksgiving knowing that neither will happen to you… (more)

Only if you think to look up David LaBua’s blog will you know the rules to the parking game this Thanksgiving. Read for yourself. This really makes you want to shop in San Francisco.

Green Operations: Wireless Parking in San Francisco

By John Watts : – excerpt

Motorists in downtown San Francisco are participating in a pilot project that allows them to use their wireless devices to locate empty parking spaces on city streets. This novel program is designed to reduce carbon emissions, traffic congestion and save valuable time… (more)

I posted a comment on the site to set the record straight, but don’t see it. I pointed out the obvious. The first driver that sees the space gets it. Generally it is the first driver who watches the exiting car, not someone around the corner or blocks away who sees it on a screen. Wonder how much time and money the SFMTA officials spent setting up this program.


SFMTA considering different options for Central Subway work in North Beach

Will Reisman : – excerpt
Muni is exploring new options for retrieving tunneling equipment in or near North Beach, including one that could save the agency $23 million while keeping the machinery underground indefinitely.

As part of its $1.6 billion Central Subway project, which will extend underground Metro service from South of Market to Chinatown, Muni wants to extract a tunnel-boring machine through Columbus Avenue. Preparation for that process began this year and will be finished by Thanksgiving 2013.
But local business owners and residents, backed by Supervisor David Chiu, oppose the project, saying the work will increase traffic congestion and hurt local businesses. To appease such concerns, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has devised four alternatives… (more)
We attended the meeting and taped it. See Supervisor Chiu’s statement:
My favorite exchange of the evening, which pretty much sums it up why no one trusts the SFMTA – “How can you aim a tunnel if you don’t know where it is going?, Ed’s answer, “Great point.”